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The Intangible ROI of an InJet Card – Family Time

Friday, September 4th, 2009



A Long term InJet Light Jet 25 Member (Member Since 2007) was at a board meeting in Jacksonville, FL. He was scheduled on Commercial to depart Jacksonville for return to his summer home in Burlington, Vermont in time for his Grand Daughter’s Dance Recital on Thursday night.

There was a mechanical problem with the aircraft which caused a delay and subsequent cancellation of the flight. The delay alone was going to force this member to miss his connection in La Guardia and therefore miss his granddaughter’s recital. He immediately calls the person at InJet whose voice he always recognizes, the guy that doesn’t have to ask what kind of aircraft he likes, or what his favorite sandwhich is, his go-to guy. InJet immediately within 1 hour and 20 minutes of his phone call launched an aircraft to pick him up out of Jacksonville and fly him on to Burlington, VT non-stop.

This InJet Light Jet member got a complimentary upgrade to a Hawker 800A and made it up to Burlington 1 hour and 15 minutes before he would have landed, had his commercial flight departed on time. More time with his granddaughter – the moments add up.

Just an example that ROI is not just measure in $$$

P.S Did we mention that we used private aircraft to help adopt his other granddaughter back in 2006. Another InJet Success Story